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New System Build
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Sun Jan 31 2016, 09:25PM
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I have had this current PC with slight hardware changes since 2009 and its time for a new system. I will bring over the GTX 960 to the new system and possibly also bring over the 16gig RAM kit and the 8Gig kit will be dropped in this current system.

Here is an idea of the build: [link]

I was thinking of going with a K series build for a better overclock potential. With the productivity I do I could really benefit more from the extra CPU features and threads.

Im going with a ITX build this time around to try something different. Ive always gone with a full desktop build in the past. I will still be using Arch for the OS but I am going with a basic 2.5" HDD to keep the cost down and add a SSD later.

Should have all the parts in the next few months. Ever since I went with a Xeon to replace my old i5 I have really enjoyed it. I am also hoping that in a few months there will be some used procs from server pulls to help reduce the costs. Although I doubt it.

This system has been good to me, build around 2009. Its time to retire it as a secondary system to offload tasks to and build a new.

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Thu Mar 24 2016, 04:17AM
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Note: Not all of the hardware in the original part list I went with
System is pretty much done. Still need to get the M.2 NVMe SSD and then its done. Perfomance is MUCH higher over the old. The memory alone (F3-1600C7D-16GTX) overclocked from 1600mhz 7-8-8-24 to 2200mhz 9-11-11-32 easily.

Below are ram performacne increases

1600mhz scores:
Avg Read: 3877Mbs // Avg Write: 2870Mbs // Linear Latency: 5.60ns // Random Latency: 72.48ns // Random Range Latency: 23.59

2200mhz scores:
Avg Read 4016Mbs // Avg Write: 3245Mbs // Linear Latency: 4.70ns // Random Latency: 65.22ns // Random Range Latency: 21.14

Also rendering Blenders test "Pavilion" demo took 1hr and 12mins on the old system and 25mins on the new.

GPU Test same settings as before:
Talos Principle rendering 65FPS before average and 115FPS avg on new system

Also running the H110i on the Xeon X3-1231-v3 with 2 Noctua fans is about dead quiet under load.
Below is a video demonstrating noise. Playing Sains Row IV for about 2 hours with CPU around 45C and GPU around 55C, I tap a screwdriver lightly on the side of the case for noise comparison (Note this was before the noctua fans were installed running off the stock corsair fans that came with teh H110i) [link]

Also I manages the peak score for Xeon E3-1231-v3/GTX960 4Gig on GeekBench3 and 3DMark 11

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Tue Apr 05 2016, 04:09AM
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Sounds like a sweet system
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