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AMD RX 480 GPU (P.S.A)
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Tue Jul 05 2016, 09:51PM
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For those who may not know or have not heard, a issue was found with the new RX 480s from AMD. There is a issue with the power delivery for the card. It is pulling way more power over the PCI-e bus then what it is rated for. Under heavy load for long gaming/computing sessions this can possibly cause system damage. AMD has said that a new driver can fix the issue but IMO if its a power delivery issue, it should be fixed by a BIOS update, and not throttled via software controls. In terms of power draw for the RX 480 it is pulling about 50% more power for 12volt current (5.5 AMPS MAX) above safe spec, and about 45% more 12volt power (66 WATTS MAX) above safe spec.

If you are in the market for the 480, keeps this in mind, and keep tabs on updates about the issue.
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Fri Nov 25 2016, 01:56AM
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Here is another reason why 90% of the gaming community use Nvidia GTX cards. AMD has been outclassed for years. I wish they would get there - (censor for saying crap really guys) [censored by site] together & give Nvidia a run for there money.

[ Edited Fri Nov 25 2016, 01:58AM ]
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Fri Nov 25 2016, 04:07AM

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Good info - I also choose NVidia. On one of my first builds in 95 I wanted to change cards from ATI driver to NVidia. It took about 10 hours to remove all of the ATI references in the registry. When I looked at where NVidia loaded it only went to its file and about 3 places per key. Why does ATI want to attach to almost every key
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