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21 Feb : 04:06
Another one banned

20 Feb : 00:37
Where - What - Why - How - Really, I didn't see it either

10 Feb : 14:11
hey hey!

10 Feb : 03:14
You to Hells - I may be back in France on my second trip when I take my Daughter that way 29 Apr if you want to meet up First I do all of East Europe starting on 19 March...take care my Friend

09 Feb : 06:57
Hello everybody,
I hope that you all are ok.
Sorry if I'm not here lately.
My job takes me a lot of time and in addition I just bought a house that needs to be partially renovated.
I'm rarely connected on BF4, between two coach trips. I wish you all a good continuation.
I hope soon my friends.

06 Feb : 09:20
I was at work.... and saw the end on lunch.... it sucked

06 Feb : 03:36
No, just got off of work

05 Feb : 05:22
All you boys ready for the big game???

02 Feb : 14:12
Who are you again Cy? :- D

02 Feb : 10:04
You still have my name in the roster, though.

29 Jan : 05:19
Yeah - thank you Priz

29 Jan : 02:07
I just recently went through the roster and got everything updated. Those changes will be coming soon as we prepare to migrate CAP to its new home......more details to come.

28 Jan : 10:57
I dont think so

28 Jan : 02:48
Do we still have the Rookies that are on the roster?

26 Jan : 00:09


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